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Global Nexus

School for Pandemic Prevention & Response

Global Nexus School for Pandemic Prevention & Response

Global Nexus News & Research

Beyond the Lab

Our research extends into classrooms, the community, and beyond

Research & Innovation

Global Nexus addresses the complex challenges of infectious diseases through integrated research teams of scientists and scholars across disciplines working together in new ways. Knowledge and experiences of Indigenous Peoples and equity-deserving groups are integrated to generate innovative, equitable solutions that meet the needs of diverse communities, and, operating through a One Health lens, our research partnerships ensure access to the best talent across many areas of expertise.

Education & Training

Global Nexus is a training hub for the next generation of leaders, who learn in new ways to prevent and solve complex infectious disease problems. These students learn in a unique environment where scientists work alongside engineers and industry leaders to bring life-saving solutions to people faster. Our innovative programming includes academic paths for undergraduates, post-doctoral fellows, and lifelong learners, and engage experts from the arts, the social sciences, and Indigenous communities.

Community Outreach

Society’s best hope for preventing pandemics and responding to infectious challenges is through knowledge sharing and developing trust among diverse communities around the world. The Global Nexus is committed to creating solutions that reflect our commitment to Indigenization, accessibility, equity, diversity, inclusion, and anti- racism. We strive to communicate with clarity, based on evidence, to bridge gaps, solve problems, and inspire collaboration across communities, networks, partnerships, and countries.


COVID-19 killed more than 6.5 million people around the world, including almost 50,000 Canadians. Many of those deaths could have been prevented with better access to evidence-based information and new vaccines and therapeutics. Building on decades of world-leading infectious disease research at McMaster University, Global Nexus works with industry reps, public health partners, policymakers, and other community leaders to translate research into real-word impact and discoveries into commercially ready products.

A New Approach to Pandemic Preparedness

Impacts Across the Lifespan

Ensuring healthy aging in the face of infectious diseases

Impacts on Vulnerable Communities

Co-developing solutions with and for underserved populations

Histories, Evidence, Contexts, and Behaviours

Understanding the social and cultural aspects of infectious disease

Diagnostics, Therapies, and Vaccines

Developing an array of tools for pandemic prevention