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Global Nexus


Matthew S. Miller
Executive Director, Global Nexus

“A tremendous gap stands between academic discoveries and their real-world impact. Global Nexus is committed to addressing that gap, and we’re doing so by bringing together experts from across sectors to ensure greater translation, commercialization, and implementation of the promising ideas born in university labs.”



Our Vision: Co-Designed Research

Global Nexus is purpose-built to transform the way that the university serves society. We have developed a thriving ecosystem that facilitates seamless interaction between academic and non-academic partners in government, public health, industry, and our communities. These partnerships enable seamless integration of key stakeholders from across sectors into our research, from conceptualization all the way through to implementation.

Research that Benefits Society

The Global Nexus ecosystem accelerates health innovations, leading to:

  • Amplification and translation of high-impact research
  • More IP, entrepreneurship, and commercialization
  • New experiential learning opportunities for trainees
  • New health innovations that benefit society
McMaster in the summer

Why McMaster?

McMaster University has a strong track record of leadership in the health sciences, specifically in the areas of infectious disease research, immunology, and biomanufacturing. Our strong portfolio of external partnerships, our culture of doing things differently, and our state-of-the-art infrastructure all position us well for cross-sector endeavours. As well, we are home to a new pandemic research hub — the Canadian Pandemic Preparedness Hub (CP2H) — that has brought new funding, capacity, and resources to our health sciences research initiatives.